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Winter Games

Hugo: Winter Games or Hugo: PC Calendar (international titles), originally released in Denmark as Hugo i Sneen (Hugo in Snow), is a PC-only video game that was developed and published by ITE in 1997. It was the first of the Hugo Christmas-themed games (“Wintergames”), and was followed by Hugo Saves Christmas and Hugo: Scylla’s Revenge.


Christmas is coming and Santa Claus enjoys the festive season, however the evil witch Scylla decided to mess everything in his small, cozy village to spoil Santa’s Christmas mood. To deal with the situation, Santa calls for help Scylla’s number one enemy: the troll Hugo!

Now, Hugo needs to restore everything to the right state so Santa can get back into the Christmas spirit in time. Hugo likes to read stories, so Santa reads him a chapter from his Advent book every day. In the end, after Hugo removes the spell Scylla cast on the village, the final task awaits him as now will fight the witch herself.


The game is a collection of simple minigames. They are mostly original scenarios of puzzle kind, but also include the action-style Sleigh and Snowboard stages from the classic games, as well as the boss-fight endgame Snowballs.


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  • Executive producer: Ivan Sølvason
  • Producer: René Bidstrup
  • Programming: Kim Frederiksen, Bo Krohn, Mario Gomes, Michael Barklund, Jacob Frandsen
  • 2D artwork: Jonas Fromm, Michael Wettendorff
  • 3D graphics: Thomas Skellund, Jesper Eskildsen
  • Sound FX: David Fliskov

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