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Watch Dogs: Legion: How To Save

One thing we often take for granted in games, until it goes wrong, is saving our progress. There are a handful of ways games go about it, but Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t make it explicitly clear what your options are for saving. In a game where you might want to make that perfect stealth run through a mission, knowing your options for saving and loading is vital. Unlike the characters you play as in the game, you don’t have to be an elite hacker to know how to save in Watch Dogs: Legion thanks to our guide.

How To Save In Watch Dogs: Legion

You probably are wondering how to save in Watch Dogs: Legion due to the fact that there doesn’t appear to be any save function in the menus to speak of. That’s because, similar to Watch Dogs 2, this game only uses an auto save function to store your progress. This is good on the one hand since you don’t have to worry about creating saves manually, but also limiting in that you cannot choose to roll back to older saves once a new auto save is triggered.


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Auto saves happen quite frequently, such as when you start missions, reach checkpoints and finish missions, and fast travel. The auto save icon will pop up whenever your progress is saved, but if you miss it or want to be absolutely certain your progress is saved before quitting out, the easiest way to force a save is to just trigger a fast travel first.

The lack of a manual save could be due to the game’s permadeath mode. Allowing players to create their own save points could lead to them abusing the system to avoid the repercussions of a mission gone wrong.

While not as versatile, you are still able to have up to three save files of the game at once, so you could start a new game to replay sections without losing all your progress on your main save if you like. So, knowing that saving is taken care of for you, you’re off the hook on having to constantly go into the menu make sure your progress is saved and can focus on taking down Albion.

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