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Virtua Cop 2 Download PC Game

You are using the best platform to download the Virtua Cop 2 video game right now. You have to download this Shooter category PC game if you want to play a newly launched game in this genre. The studio had introduced this PC game on Dec 31, 1996 date for young kids and teenagers.

About Virtua Cop 2

The Virtua Cop 2 PC game has no in-game purchase feature because its premium items are earned for free. Undoubtedly, 1037 users are in love with this PC game because they gave it top ratings.

virtua cop 2 screenshot 2

During the events of the first, the original Virtua Cops, Michael “Rage” Hardy and James “Smarty” Cools shut down the E.V.

I.L Inc.

criminal empire. Three of its leaders, King, Boss, and Kong are all in the maximum security federal pen. And the final, fourth member of the E.

V.I.L Inc.

gang, international terrorist Joe Fang is believed to have been killed in a helicopter crash, though his body was never found. After the downfall of E.

virtua cop 2 screenshot 4

V.I.L Inc.

, a comprehensive investigation of their black market and gun-running activities was launched in the Virtua City bank.
Last year it looked as though the Virtua Squad had finally put an end to the E.

virtua cop 2 screenshot 5

V.I.L Syndicate’s reign of crime over Virtua City.

The gangleaders were all either behind bars, in intensive care, or under 6 feet of dirt. And the Virtua City Police Special Investigations Unit got a new member in the shape of Janet Marshall, an expert in criminal psychology profiling.

Then trouble started brewing in unlikely places…

. The vice-president of the Virtua City Bank was killed in shady circumstances that were only officially termed “accidental”.

And the swollen accounts of the now-defunct E.V.I.

L Syndicate, which he had been suspected of laundering, were emptied overnight. The missing funds amounted to more than the GNP of most small countries.
Meanwhile, on the other side of town, alarms break the quiet and calm of the Virtua City air. A daring daylight raid on the biggest jeweler’s in the state! And at the site of the new subway construction, there’s been an unusual amount of unexplained activity involving some very suspicious-looking materiel. Looks like the E.V.I.L is reborn.

virtua cop 2 screenshot 3

Publishers reported a record sale on the Dec 31, 1996 date, the day this game was launched. This video game has earned 93.76 out of 100 ratings from all regular users.

Being a newly launched PC game, it’s quite amazing that 4913 users gave it top reviews.

It is probably the toughest PC game ever designed on the Action theme. Reveal new exciting quests in this game by switching to the single-player mode.

You should consider playing this game because it offers an exciting gameplay based on the Shooter genre. Hence it is a newly launched game; it only got 633 social media followers.

Players started praising this game again when the studio released new updates on Nov 07, 2019 date. This video game has been designed to work in both TPP and FPP modes.

virtua cop 2 screenshot 1

This is pretty interesting to learn that almost 5251 reviewers think this game is perfect It has been released for PC (Microsoft Windows), Dreamcast, Sega Saturn platforms.

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