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✅ [Updated] Hoàng Thượng: Cát Tường Mobile for PC / Mac / Windows 11,10,8,7 / Android (Mod) Download (2022)

Hoàng Thượng: Cát Tường Mobile Description

“Hoàng Thượng Cát Tường” is a title game of the archery, taken from the perspective of an elderly construction official, from marriage to business cards, birth of children, communication, sage recruitment, to handle the main affairs, business management, ordained king. All are shown in the game.

【Beauties in hand, getting married to concubine】
There are jade stones here, there is also a stele. There are “diving fish sauces” also have “United yielding shy”; classic love or western blue-blond hair, depending on your choice!
【Promoting good fortune, holding great power】
A small official who relies on his own strength will also be able to promote his position and hold the world. Promotion is waiting for you!
【Friendly friends, countless friends】
Fostering poinsettia poinsettia, establishing a list, the body on the world channel, unleash shown!

【Healings for enrollment, expansion of housework】
Say goodbye to the level-up monster fighting system, go to the fierce mandarins place, fight bravely with many other players!
【Claiming to be a server, claiming to be inter-server】
PK Lei Dai, acting fiercely martial, scrambling for kingship, emperors fierce battle, waiting for you to proclaim the ancient god!

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