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The Sims 2 Download

The Sims 2 came out when I was in college and the girl I was dating at the time (now my wife) insisted that we got the game day one! The first game was a massive success and many people myself and my wife included were excited to see how they would expand upon the formula. Well even though this game as I write this is well over a decade old, it holds up very well.

Your Story

One of the things that I always liked about this series was how most of the time there is not an actual “story” to play through. Instead The Sims 2 like what came before it has you create the story. This game features some things that make the lives of The Sims feel more real, fulfilled, and just overall better. For example, Sims can now age and they go through a few different “ages” before they die. What is really cool is that this game introduced a new system where Sims “genes” would be passed down so that they could have children and grandchildren. While it is not a groundbreaking feature now at the time this was a really big deal.

Your Sim Your Way

The “gameplay” is enhanced greatly from what the previous game offered. While it has been surpassed why what would follow on from it. At the time The Sims 2 was a game that improved on its predecessor and all of its expansion packs in pretty much every way you could imagine. There is a ton of stuff you can use in this game to make your dream home, new scenarios, jobs, neighborhoods and there is just a ton of stuff to keep your Sims and the others that are around busy.

You Are One Pretty Sim

The visuals of the game are much improved from the first game. Everything still has that same “Sim” look to it, but things are more detailed this time around and things also seem a bit larger which is something I liked. The only negative that I really have about the visuals is that sometimes the children and grandchildren can just look the same. I do feel they could have done a bit more to make offspring look like they are related, but not at the expense of just all looking exactly the same.
The soundtrack is what you would expect from a game in this series. I would not say that The Sims 2 has the greatest soundtrack I have ever listened too. However, they have made it very easy to add your own music to the game if you want so that is always an option. The overall sound effects of the game are great and when a Sim talks, freaks out, gets embarrassed, or anything like that it always makes me smile.


As this is a game that I played a great deal during my college years with a girl that would become my wife. The Sims 2 is a game that has a lot of nostalgia for me, I fired the game up recently to see if it held up and I had a lot of fun. Yes, the newer games in the series have greatly expanded upon what is on offer here. However, this is still a really fun time and well worth taking a look at.


  • Lots of new things for your Sims to get up to
  • The game has had a decent visual upgrade
  • I liked how the Sims could have children and grandchildren
  • The house building aspect is tons of fun
  • You never know what way things are going to go


  • I do feel that the later games are better overall
  • Some of The Sims look to similar to each other.

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