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Team-Building Activities for Human Resources

  • Human resources teams and departments work on diverse areas such as employee performance management, compensation and benefits, motivation and recognition and recruiting, often in stressful, high-volume, fast-paced work environments. Raise awareness of team issues, air disagreements and interpersonal problems and work to improve working relationships with a team tune-up. Prepare a handout to give team members to read and fill out with the following:

    1) Rate our team’s productivity, from 1 to 5, 5 as the highest rating indicating we work very well together.

    2) What interpersonal issues do you see among team members?

    3) What are our challenges with productivity, communication and conflict resolution?

    When everyone is done writing down their ideas, collect all the handouts, shuffle them and redistribute them to team members. Have each team member read their handout out loud to the group, then discuss ways to improve the team’s productivity, reduce or eliminate interpersonal issues and overcome challenges.

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