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SkyBlock – Craft your island for Android

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A world of possibilities

There’s a world of possibilities in SkyBlock – Craft Your Island. In this action packed world builder, players begin in a near empty gaming universe, save for a solitary floating island. From there, players are tasked with an array of tasks and missions they’ll need to complete in order to progress through the ranks from level one, earning more rewards and bonuses as they go.

Every time a quest is successfully completed, players are granted a lucrative reward to help slowly transform their pixelated island into a fully formed world.

When ten quests are completed, players level up ad move on to a fresh batch of ten more adventures they’ll need to complete in order to progress to level three. Each new level and quest brings with it a fresh reward. Once players have arrived at level three, they’ll earn the title of Skyblock Master, giving them almost unlimited choices on how to develop and extend their island.

From that point on, players can enjoy an open sandbox adventure, or persist with quests and levels until they’ve unlocked all the building items and construction materials on offer to create as diverse a landscape as possible.

SkyBlock – Craft Your Island boasts hundreds of individual build items that players can make use of, including bricks, dirt, grass, glass and more. It’s easy to create beautiful natural landscapes and environments for a green world, or develop a sprawling town or metropolis to turn your island into a hub of civilization.

The perfect game for creative minds who like to build, SkyBlock offers hours of fun and limitless build options, with new content added all the time to keep this must-try sandbox title incredibly fresh.

You can play on your own from wherever, with offline friendly playback once you’ve downloaded the base game and all the features you wish to play with. For more collaborative play, join your friends online anytime you’re within range of a wireless connection, or connect with one of tens of thousands of active users to engage in multiplier mode for an innovative twist on the core game.

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