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School vocabulary for kids learning English | Guessing (hangman) game

How to play

Guessing games for kids learning English

If kids are new to the topic, or if they need some help with their spelling, introduce the vocabulary by using our Vocabulary Words list before playing the game. Otherwise, they may find it quite difficult.

There are twelve words to guess. They are displayed randomly. Each mystery word is represented by a set of blank lines (one line for one letter) at the top of the game board. In the middle of the board there are nine bees that belongs to the piglet. At the bottom of the board you can see letter buttons for each letter of the alphabet.

Click on any letter that you think is in the word. If the mystery word has this letter, it appears in the proper blank. If you choose a letter that is not in the word, the piglet loses one bee. Try to guess the word before our friend loses all the bees. When you complete the word (no matter as a winner or loser), click on the Play Again button to continue the game.

Please note. This game uses HTML5 and JavaScript. It works well in modern browsers. We recommend using Google Chrome. If you can’t see our games visit this site for help.

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