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No steam overlay in-game

Game mode: [ Single-player]
Type of issue: [ Other ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ Canada, says Europe ingame ]
Mods?: [ Yes & No ]

Bug Description:

I cannot access the steam overlay in-game. Due to this I am unable to link my twitch, but there are other issues such as:

  • The “help” button does nothing (kinda funny ngl)
  • The dlc “go to store” buttons do nothing
  • The “more info” buttons on the update log do nothing

Expected Behavior:

Steam overlay should automatically start upon launching the game

Installed Mods:

I have had a myriad of mods installed with the issue, and I have also had zero mods installed with the same issue

Steps to Reproduce:

Going to use this spot for things I have tried.

  • I have the overlay enabled for the game itself as well as steam globally. I have enabled/disabled them multiple times to no avail
  • I am always online on steam (just to clear that up)
  • I have restarted steam / my computer multiple times
  • I did a fresh install of the game. I think it carried over my options from before so I might be able to do a better fresh install
  • I uninstalled Nvidia Ansel and terminated all razor processes (read online it could affect things, never had an issue with them before)

Other things to note, I literally only have this issue with conan exiles. I tested multiple other games. I think it’s been an issue since day 1 of buying it, though I never bothered enough to look into it. Now I need it to redeem the twitch drops, and it would be nice to use it again in general.

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