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Leading Gaming Influencers Agency – Socially Powerful

While your audience may have a solid grasp of FPS’s, strategy games and platform games – we know the platforms they’ll respond to in between gaming sessions. Within our own online arsenal is a vast network of wonderful, engaging gaming influencers who will speak directly to your audience about your latest titles, software and applications.

Putting your brand straight to the gaming community, we are already connected to a number of notable gaming influencers who are incredibly active across multiple social channels. We can arrange for them to test and review your titles, recommend releases, and show their awe at your graphics, gameplay and narratives.

However, the stories already entwined with your gaming brand and the ethos of your progressive company are just as important – and we won’t hesitate to drive them home in our campaigns. We can start with an en effective new social strategy, or go straight to high impact social video that sells. Like you, we’re driven at all times by data – so everything we do will be backed up by the analytics and insight you need, to know that your brand is being seen, heard, and intriguing your audience.

And did we mention that we guarantee results? Well, we do. Just as you assure your customers of an experience worth their time and money, we don’t just offer services, but certainty. We’re as powerful across social platforms as your games are to your audience – and as relentless as they are when they’re gaming.

From mobile to console, software to online gaming, our targeted campaigns will get gamers talking, tapping and trembling with anticipation when it comes to your brand.

At Socially Powerful, we don’t just operate all over the world, we’re present on a global basis too.  Contact one of our regional offices in Europe, North America, Asia, or Africa to get started on your next social strategy, or find us active right now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Head over to Influencer Marketing Blog for the latest industry insights, or read more about our many projects here.

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