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Hula Hoop Team Building Activity | Fit Kids Healthy Kids

Game Rules: 

Divide the group into two team and have them line up single-file in two parallel lines. The first person in each line will have all the hoops in her hands. Each team will have one more hoop than player, for example if your team has 8 members you will have 9 hoops. When the game starts the first person in line will lay out a hoop, jump in it and then lay out another hoop and jump in it. She will repeat this until all the hoops are on the ground and she is in the very last hoop thrown down. As the leader jumps into each hoop the team will follow behind her and jump into the hoops as well. Once the last person jumps into a hoop there will be one hoop left behind (remember there is one more hoop than there is team members). The last person will then reach back and grab that hoop and pass it along the line until it reaches the leader. The leader will then toss the hoop in front of her on the ground and move into it, with her teammates following suite and jumping into the empty hoop in front of the. This process is repeated until one team crosses the finish line.

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