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Hugo: The Evil Mirror Download (Last Version) Free PC Game Torrent

Hugo: The Evil Mirror – an adventure game about a hero known in our area as Kuzya. This time he has to go on a rich adventure to save his family and friends in trouble. Behind all the atrocities is none other than the crocodile antagonist Don Croco. Travel with the hero through swamps, jungles, crystal caves, factories, etc..

On your way you will meet a huge number of obstacles and many different enemies. This is the fifth part of Hugo’s adventure (or Kuzi, call it whatever is more convenient for you). The hero of Hugo: The Evil Mirror was quietly baking cookies in his kitchen, when the evil witch Scylla appeared out of nowhere. So that the protagonist does not interfere with her atrocities, she puts him together with friends in a magic Mirror. Now, not only Kuzya, but also the rest of Scylla’s captives will become available to you to choose from.

Each hero has his own unique abilities and skills. Once again, you have to fight an evil sorceress. It is necessary to overcome 3 unique worlds, consisting of 60 levels. A huge number of traps, obstacles, puzzles, humor and, of course, dangerous enemies await you, for each of which you need to find your own individual approach.

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