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Hugo: Fabryka Gier – PC

Hugo: The Games Factory is another game with a nice troll in the lead role, prepared mainly for children from six years of age. The main attraction of this production is the ability to design your own game using an easy to use editor.

Offered tools allow you to prepare simple platformers. Each time we start with a choice of scenery, choosing between six alkaline motifs, including the surface of the moon, jungle, volcanic island or the sea depths. Then we have to place various interactive objects on the board. This category includes traps (e.g. spikes and collapses), obstacles and bonuses (e.g. gold coins). At the end we add opponents, choosing among others crocodiles, snowmen, beavers and overgrown frogs.

A ready-made project can be saved, and the game you have created can be tested right away. Interestingly, there is an option to increase the level of difficulty by adding to the game a time lapse counter, in which you have to fit in to achieve success.

The visual setting of the Games Factory does not differ much from other products with the participation of Hugo. The main character is watched from the side and many funny characters appear on the screen. An additional attraction of this game is the opportunity to watch about forty cartoons telling about Hugo’s crazy adventures.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions regarding this description.

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