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HTML5 Game Development Company Canada – iQlance Solution

Html5- Game Development

IQlance dedicated team of HTML5 game programmers regularly research on the latest technology & gaming strategy to remain well-informed with the current trends in the market and deliver HTML5 game development solutions. Our expert team grasps your project needs and create interactive & feature-rich games to deliver you an exciting experience.

IQlance is an expert in HTML5 game development. HTML5 game development has witnessed quantum-shift in levels of improvements in web browsers, and we’re ready to apply those improvements onto your games.HTML5 is supported by many JavaScript game engines and frameworks such as Contstruct2, Three.js, Play Canvas, Kick.js. , Minko, Unity 5, Voxel.js.

HTML5 games development is taking the gaming world by storm through technological advances and innovation. We have a separate efficient and highly technically sound team working from last 7 years in this sphere. We are the only company providing game development in Canada.

Why Choose iQlance as HTML5 Development Partner

IQlance is Canada based company providing world class services in HTML5 game development. IQlance has expert HTML5 game developer team that offers HTML5 game development solutions globally. Our focus is not only providing professional unity engine development solutions, but becoming a trusted technology partner dedicated to supporting clients growing business needs tomorrow is also central to our business. Our customized approach helps us to make our customers satisfied.

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