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Hoyle Casino – IGN

Sierra’s new to the Game Boy Color but not to gaming, as the company’s been around for decades producing titles for the PC market. One of the company’s top series is its Hoyle licensed line of card games, and to introduce itself to the world of handheld gaming, Sierra has produced a nice package of casino games for the Game Boy Color, aptly titled Hoyle Casino


  • Seven Vegas Games (Blackjack, Poker, Video Poker, Pai Gow, Slots, Craps, Roulette)
  • Battery save
  • Digitized sound
  • Link cable support for two players
  • Only for Game Boy Color

Credit is given where credit is due — the one thing that Hoyle Casino does right is include a battery to save your players progress. That’s an absolute must in these types of games, simply because you really need to keep track of your virtual winnings in some form. You never win real money in these videogame casino titles — it’s all about how long you can last with the standard bankroll offered at the beginning of the game. And without that battery, you can never retain the bragging rights of showing off how much money you’ve taken away from the house.

What’s more, the casino games that are offered in Hoyle Casino are well-produced on the Game Boy Color. There are tons of Poker games, including Pai Gow (and the tutorial for this is excellent, I never understood the game until I played it here). Blackjack is here, as is Roulette and Craps, and there are four variations of slotmachines and four of Video Poker (though the differences in video poker are merely cosmetic in their theme ¿–they’re the exact same game otherwise).

The animations of each of the games are very well done for the Game Boy Color — in craps, you’ll shake your dice in your hand in a choice of two positions. Dealers’ hands actually pass out the cards in smooth motions. And the spinning reels of the slot machines are the most realistic on the handheld. Really slick. The only exception is in roulette. The developer failed to offer the spinning wheel to select the number, offering only a weird paint “splat” that drops on the number picked. The game even offers a ton of digitized voice calling out the hands in Blackjack and the numbers in roulette. Good stuff.

And I have to make mention of Hoyle Casino’s outstanding link-cable addition — it’s very clean and seamless. Naturally, you can’t play Slots or Video Poker with another player, but you can jump in and play any of the other games when connected. What’s more, if one person gets tired of a game, he can hop out and go play something else while the other person stays — the only issue here is, he can’t jump back into the table once left. The other person has to jump out and meet him at the main menu to play another table game. Still, the developer programmed the link cable extrememly well, and I salute him for his cleanliness.

My only real complaints come in the form of options — in Blackjack and Poker games for example, you always have to play with three other players. It would have been more realistic if players would drop out and come back randomly to emulate the casino feel. And, of course, it’s all about that whole casino feel — it’s just not possible to emulate the rush of winning without something real on the line. But that’s not Hoyle Casino’s problem — all it sets out to do is simulate the games of the casino. And this game does it extremely well.

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