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Hoyle Casino Games 2012 – PC

Hoyle Casino Games 2012 is the next installment of the series, the title of which features the name of the famous 18th-century creator of social games. This time, developers from Encore Software studio took part in the workshop of games that can be found most often in casinos.

Players have the opportunity to test their luck in over 600 variations of popular gambling games – from roulette and craps, through blackjack and baccarat, to over a hundred slot machines. Fortunately, if you visit the casino at Hoyle Casino Games 2012, you only risk losing your Hoyle Bucks chips, your virtual currency.

The gameplay was designed for both experts and people who would like to learn the rules of gambling. The difficulty level of the game can be adjusted to your own preferences.

The game allows you to compete with artificial intelligence or living opponents via the Internet. In the first case, the player can choose his rivals from 25 virtual gamblers with different personality traits and game styles. In a multiplayer game there is a possibility of organizing tournaments with the participation of friends.

From the technical side, Hoyle Casino Games 2012 is based on solutions known from previous versions of the Hoyle series, such as Hoyle Card Games 2012. The game has a simple but aesthetically designed graphics combining elements 2 and 3D.

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