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How to Survive 2 for PS4, XB1, PC, XBXS, PS5 Reviews


Michael Keener

7.5 / 10.0


How to Survive 2 is a quality zombie survival game, and the fact that you can enjoy with a bunch of friends is even better. It improves many things in comparison to the first one but could have used a little bit more in order to make it all even better. The maps feel a little repetitive in the sense that, for example, one small section such as a parking lot is almost completely copied and pasted just down the street. If you look at your world map, everything feels like a strictly structured environment, which is understandable in the city, but not in the swamps. The other struggles are from a lack of explanations you get in regards to what you can craft and when. There’s a lot of menus and items, so you’ll have to invest a little time in perfecting your inventory searching.

Those are the negatives, however, and if those sound bearable to you, then there’s a lot to love. The camp building and defending is incredibly fun (and chaotic at times), and even better, there’s always something to do regardless of where you’re at in your overall progress. Day and night cycles, along with weather, make for a world living on its own, and the possibilities of crafting items and structures are wide open for you to sink hours of your life into exploring. The game isn’t perfect, but it has a pretty good idea how to be enjoyable (but consider bringing a friend, or a couple of them, to get the most enjoyment).

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