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How to share Steam Games Library and play together

Do you have a lot of video games in your Steam library? If the answer is yes, then how about sharing them with some of your families or friends? You may not know how to do this, and that’s fine because we will explain everything you need to know.

How to share Steam Games Library

Bear in mind you will need to have an active Steam account with games attached. If you haven’t yet, please download the Steam client, create an account, then purchase some games when you’re done. It’s that simple, so get along with it, then.

Let us explain the Family Library Sharing feature

OK, so you may not have enough information on Family Library Sharing, which is not a problem at all. So, let us explain everything you need to know.

You see, this feature makes it possible for users to share their library of games with up to 10 computers and a maximum of 5 Steam accounts. Once you’ve completed the sharing process, all supported video games will be available to selected friends or families.

We use the word supported because some games will not fall under the Family Library Sharing category. These titles are usually ones with a monthly subscription, require third-party keys, etc.

One of the best aspects of this feature is the fact that each gamer will have their own progress and achievements.

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Turn on Steam Guard security

Before we begin, we suggest activating Steam Guard as soon as possible. To do this, log in to your Steam account with the relevant details, then navigate to the Settings menu by clicking on Steam > Settings.

From there, click on Account then select, MANAGE STEAM GUARD ACCOUNT SECURITY. After doing so, please choose either Get Steam Guard codes from the Steam app on my phone or Get Steam Guard codes by email or select both if you want.

Enable the Steam sharing feature

This feature is not enabled by default, so you must first turn it on before you can share your multitude of games with your friends.

In order to accomplish this task, please log in to your Steam account, then go to Steam > Settings > Family. From there, tick the box next to Authorize Library Sharing on this computer.

Add friends to share games with

From the same window, go down to the section that reads ELIGIBLE ACCOUNTS and select up to 5 users who will have the option to access your library of games. Once you’re done, hit the OK button, and that’s it.

Remove people from your sharing list

At some point, you may want to remove some folks from gaining access to your shared games library. This is easily done. Simply follow the steps above and return to the Family section in Settings. After doing that, go on ahead and uncheck the box beside the authorized user’s name, then hit the OK button to complete the task.

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share Steam Games Library and play together

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