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How to Save Your Game in Watch Dogs Legion – GameSpew

Watch Dogs Legion

Playing Watch Dogs Legion? You’ll want to make sure you save regularly so you don’t lose any progress, right?

Well, of course you do. But the thing is: there’s no ‘save game’ option anywhere in the game. There are no in-game save points, and your in-game menus have no ‘save’ option.

So: there is no way to save your game in Watch Dogs Legion. But don’t worry – instead, the game relies on a robust autosave system.

Like most of Ubisoft’s open world games of recent years, you don’t ever have to manually save your progress. Whenever you pick up a new item, complete a mission, or complete some other arbitrary task within the game, Watch Dogs Legion will autosave.

Sure, you don’t have the same peace of mind that a ‘save and quit’ option offers you. But we’ve found the autosave system to be very reliable. We recommend not quitting the game in the middle of a mission, or else you might find yourself having to repeat part of your task. And we’d also recommend hitting the start/menu button to ‘quit to main menu’ rather than exiting the game straight to your PC or console’s dashboard.

But whenever you do quit, as long as it’s not in the middle of a mission, you’ll pick up right where you left off, with no progress lost. So enjoy exploring London, and don’t worry about needing to find a save point.

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