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How the Unreal Engine Powers the HUMMER EV Display | Insider

Take an immersive, multisensory gaming experience and add cinematic 3D graphics. Engineer it into the world’s first all-electric supertruck—with you in command of every driving aspect. That’s what you’ll see, feel and control from the driver’s seat of GMC HUMMER EV.

The supertruck is revolutionary, including the way information is presented. To achieve graphic magic, GMC HUMMER EV uses software built with Epic Games’ state-of-the-art game engine technology, Unreal Engine. Who else but GMC HUMMER EV would use it to drive its information displays? Unreal Engine is an advanced real-time 3D creation tool, enabling photorealistic visualizations and lifelike animation.

Placing the driver in the center of the action was the goal for GMC and the design wizards at Perception—the creative agency known for its science fiction thinking and design work within the Marvel Universe. The results engage your senses with theatrical graphics, animations and instantaneous visualizations to provide useful vehicle information at a glance—helpful when all you can spare is a glance.

Devotion to the mantra “every pixel has a purpose” means clean, technical graphics are rich and dynamic in the gauge cluster and infotainment and HVAC screens, helping you understand what the supertruck is doing. These intuitive, exhilarating driving metrics keep you aware of HUMMER EV’s on- and off-road exploits.

Until you’re able to climb into the cockpit of the supertruck, here’s a peek at just a few of HUMMER EV’s displays and controls.

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