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How do you come up with ideas for new games?


The best way to get really good ideas — ideas that will become great games — is to make lots of games. You should brainstorm up lots of stuff and make prototypes. You will not make good games without lots of trying things and failing with some and iterating on what works. World of Goo and Crayon Physics both started out as small, quick prototypes (not sure about Gish).

Prototyping allows you the freedom to try out wild ideas, figure out how to make them shine or figure out that they don’t work, and not spend years of your life doing it. The years of your life come when it’s time to make a real game.

I’m not sure what your specialty is, but prototypes come in various forms. The two big ones I see a lot are quick and dirty videogame prototypes and paper (or boardgame) prototypes. Do the simplest, smallest thing possible and make that. See whether it works and what needs to change. Iterate. Then go and do the same exercise with a new idea. Eventually, you’ll have a prototype that you MUST MAKE: something you feel really strongly about.

Make that.

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