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How development studio can bring your game ideas to life

Have a game idea? Want to bring it to life? Want to launch it to public? Want to make some money from it as well? No idea, how to start. Here is a quick checklist of things, you need to do to make your idea a reality.

Put it down on paper : Till the time it is in your head, it is just a dream. The first step towards realizing it, is to put it down on paper. Start writing it, don’t worry if you have no idea about how to write the requirements. Game application development generally have the following key aspects;

  1. Player character
  2. Background scenes
  3. Game characters, objects collectively called assets
  4. Most important game play, rules
  5. Scoring
  6. Add-ons like lives, powers, special collectibles etc
  7. How many players play it? Is it a single player game or multi player game?

If you keep these aspects in mind and document around them, it will define your game well. When you write them down, it will give your ideas a concrete shape as well.

Target platforms : This is the next step for you to decide. What are the target platforms that you want to launch the game on? Your options can be as below:

  • Play on computer : This can either be done as a web browser based game or an installable game. If you want this to be played on the browser, then you would need a website to hold it. Other option is to launch the game on social platform, like Facebook, as a Facebook app. If you want this to be installed on the computer, then you have to think, which OS platforms you want to target it for. The options can be Windows, Mac OS etc.
  • Play on mobile : If you want the game to be played on mobiles and tablets, then it will be an installable application. You may want to get the game developed on iOS or Android mobile game development is also an option, other platforms are Windows, Mobile, etc. You will have to launch the game through Apple Store and Android Market.

Choosing the target platform is very important. This can depend on the demographics of your target audience. Depending upon target demographics, whichever platform gives you the maximum reach, should be the target platform. Your game can be developed and launched to work with multiple platforms as well. But, you may want to start with one platform first.

Technology platforms : Choosing the technology platform for development is the next step. Once you are done with the first two steps of writing the game details and choosing the target launch platforms, you need to contact a game design and development studio to help you with choosing the appropriate technology platform. This is where a game development company like ours can offer efficient and skilled game app developers can help you with the first two steps as well where, we can help you document your game requirements and choose target platforms as well.

Revenue model : Always think of revenue models, because at the end of it you want to earn money from the game. There are various monetization ways that you can incorporate, such as ads, in app purchases for add-ons and subscription memberships. Different kind of games needs different monetization strategies. Again a design agency can help you decide this as well.

Keep it lean : In today’s times, if you have an idea, the key is to get to the market with it as soon as you can. Game ideas generally get big very soon. You may be tempted to add a lot of exciting features to the game. But always remember, getting it to the market is the key. So, keep the idea lean for the first launch. Bring your game to public. All the exciting ideas that you have can wait. Get the core of the game ready and get it to end users. You will get more user feedback that may be more exciting than, your own ideas and it will give you a better clarity on, what you want to add next. Also, it will get you market acceptance, user base and revenue as well.

Funding : As I said earlier, game ideas can become big very quickly and you may require a good amount of investment upfront as well. But this should not bother you to get started. If you keep the idea lean, you can launch the idea with small investment and add as you earn. A quick launch can help you get investors as well. Also, crowdfunding can be an option to generate investment. Have you heard of Kickstarter? Read our other blog 

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If you have an idea, and are keen on getting it live, reach out to us. We will help you on all the steps above and further to bring it to market. Waiting to hear from you soon!!!

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