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Hire developers from top HTML5 game development company

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Hire HTML5 Game Developer for Cutting Edge Services

Logic Simplified provides HTML5 game frameworks that include open source components. As a leading HTML5 game development company in India, our HTML5 game developers have a thorough understanding of design and have developed visually appealing and thrilling games. We offer bespoke, affordable solutions that fit as per your timetables. Here, you can hire HTML5 game developers to create excellent games and captivate the user with stunning graphics. Our skilled and successful group of HTML5 game developers for hire has built a reputation for producing the finest quality games as per your budget. Ranging from 2D to 3D games, our professional developers develop bug-free and unbeatable gaming apps for our client’s.

Game Assets

Game Asset Designing Services

Game assets, including graphics, sound effects, and background music, are optimized for web and mobile. Hire HTML5 game developer who works diligently to create authentic, stunning graphics that will set the tone for your project. Using unique graphic tools and their perfect sense of style, our skilled HTML5 game development team creates a variety of objects and characters, from minute details to custom game designs.

2D & 3D Game Development

Hire HTML5 game developers who create highly interactive cross-platform 2D & 3D games that can generate a lot of buzzes and an addictive gaming experience. As a powerful JavaScript API, WebGL allows developers to render immersive 2D & 3D graphics that can be seen in any supported web browser. Our professional HTML5 game development team develops art assets for various genres in numerous styles, both cartoon-like as well as realistic.

Rendering & Animations

Libraries we love: ImpactJS, Three.js, PlayCanvas, Quintus, Cocos2d-JS, but most importantly, our capability in canvas API (2D & 3D) help us optimally use the libraries. Some of these are game engines that are advanced and can be used to build massive 3D games. Whereas, other game engines are used for making 2D games of various genres. Hire HTML5 game developers who are adept at using modern frameworks and technologies to produce high-quality HTML5 games.

Physics Engines

Hire our expert HTML5 game developers who have experiences in engines like PhysicsJS, Box2d and others, to simulate real-world behaviour to the virtual objects in your game. Instead of building objects from scratch, our expert HTML5 game development team applies real-world physical properties, like gravity and momentum, to their 2D & 3D objects.

Multiplayer Games Services

Are you planning to create a game that many users can enjoy at the same time? Contact Logic Simplified, the top HTML5 game development company to design huge multi-layer networks capable of handling thousands of users simultaneously without causing a single user’s framerate to decrease. Our HTML5 game developer experts have proficiency in SmartFox Server, Ejabberd (XMPP), WebSockets API to give the end-users the best real-time gaming experience.

HTML5 Game Support and Maintenance

For better engagement and user experience, we have a group of highly trained HTML5 game developers for hire who offer full support and maintenance services after the launch of the game, including game balancing, performance enhancements, and bug fixing. We take care of every phase of your game and ensure that it is up-to-date with cutting-edge maintenance solutions.

Hire HTML5 Game Developer

Why Choose Logic Simplified for HTML5 Game Development?

As a seasoned HTML5 game development company in India, our HTML5 game developer develops customized, intuitive and exciting HTML5 games for clients all over the world. We have been in the game design and development company for more than 9 years now. We have successfully created several HTML5 games using powerful technologies like WebGL, PixiJS, GameMaker, BabylonJS, PlayCanvas and many more.  

Skilled and Experienced Game Developers

Hire HTML5 game developers who consist of the industry’s best game developers and have extensive hands-on expertise and a deep understanding of HTML5. They perform research on a daily basis to stay abreast with the current gaming technology and methods. With feature-rich and immersive games, we always give a fantastic experience. Our years of knowledge with HTML5 game development gives us insight into selecting the finest and most appropriate game engine and framework for your gaming idea.

Robust Framework

HTML5 is extensively utilized for developing engaging, user-friendly, feature-rich, and engaging games with a strong framework, powerful features, and incredible flexibility. Logic Simplified, as an experienced HTML5 game development company, we have vast expertise of HTML5 game developers in building robust games based on this technology in order to provide easy navigation, the best user experience, and improved load time.

Agile Methodology

The demand for HTML5 game development is increasing because of the cross-platform support. As the famous HTML5 game development company, we use the proven agile approach and flow to create games through an iterative approach. Hire HTML5 game developers who closely adhere to the agile technique to give the best result without compromising on the qualitative factors. The methods they use are adaptable to any size, kind, timeframe, and type of HTML5 game development project.

On-Time Delivery

We are an HTML5 game development company that ensures the prompt completion of your project, which distinguishes us from other game development companies. Once we promise you timely delivery of the project, our HTML5 game developers will stick to fulfilling it. Our agile strategy guarantees that we deliver your projects on time. Once we commit to completing a project on a certain date, we use all our resources to assure on-time delivery of products of high quality unless there are any alterations in the requirements.

Constant Communication

Our proficient HTML5 game developer team guarantees that you receive regular updates and has the mutual understanding to get exactly what they want. Hire HTML5 game developers from us to get constant updates on the development of your project, and set up weekly calls to gather inputs. You may discuss modifications, ensuring the game you want to provide to their end-users. Doing so will assist in reducing iterations and will increase the game development process.

Experienced Testers

Our quality assurance team involves highly skilled testing resources who extensively test the games to ensure that they work properly in all major web browsers and platforms, both in user engagement and functionality. As a skilled HTML5 game development company, the testing team adheres to best practices in an organized testing process. They examine everything to ensure that your application is error-free.

24/7 Customer Support

Our 24×7 customer support is the best part of us. Our skilled HTML5 game developer team tackles each difficulty connected to game functionality, from developing a unique idea to creating fantastic games. With round-the-clock support, our team will resolve all the problems and queries of the client. They will provide them with proper consultation and assist them in finding the best solution. We ensure to provide complete satisfaction to you with our expert approach.

Get in Touch

Our Work

We specialize in HTML5 game development to develop projects that stand out and remain in the user’s mind for a long time. We have designed and built 2D & 3D HTML5 games in a number of genres. Hire HTML5 game developers and deliver a fantastic gaming experience across the world with the most successful game titles. 

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iOS Games

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Console Games

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Cross-Platform Desktop Games

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Game portal with 1 Million hits a day


Architected & Developed

Game portal with 1 Million hits a day

Benefits of Developing Games in HTML5

HTML5 has allowed developers more control and flexibility over the products. It is the preferred development technology for both web developers and game development companies. Following are the reasons why HTML5 game development is popular.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

HTML5 game development does not need the use of a native platform to run its code. The HTML5 game developers concentrate completely on the gameplay and can be adapted and deployed efficiently to different screen sizes and input types. Users can access the games smoothly on various devices without downloading or installing any additional plugins.



Development of the game using HTML5 can be played on the latest smartphone, and the same coding can be used to target any operating system. Screen size can be modified with a few adjustments, making HTML5 a cost-effective language.


Easy to Maintain and Update

 As HTML5 has only a single code base, it is easy to maintain as well as update. The users are not required to update the game as the latest updates are automatically set. Once the HTML5 game developer updates the game on the server, the upgrade is displayed on all leading portals and devices. This way, all players will instantly have a new game with all the updated features.



Games developed in HTML5 can be played in any web browser. This increases accessibility and reach. Players can also share the game by using the link. In fact, users can choose the game and start playing the game immediately. There is no need to install, download, or configure any game packages. Anyone can start playing the game just like that.

HTML5 Game Development Process

The process utilized to create the game has a significant impact on the final output. Our qualified HTML5 game developers step into your shoes to understand their innovative ideas and offer thrilling games with beautiful graphics and great visual appeal. They will get a rich, superior, and interactive user experience when they hire HTML5 game developers from us. Here is our process of HTML5 game development, which allows us to produce exceptional HTML games.

  • Idea

  • Conceptualization

  • Prototype

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Launch

  • Maintenance & Support


Our Engagement Models

At Logic Simplified, you can hire HTML5 game developers that have competence in all the latest game development technologies, such as producing 2D/3D games, creating rich visuals and a real gaming environment, or giving a cinematic experience that can engage the users till the end. We offer you flexible hiring models and develop high performing and seamless creative games for the users.

Dedicated Team Model

When it comes to selecting an engagement model, the dedicated development team is flexible as it gets. Here, you can rearrange the resources, select a pricing model, adjust the size and qualification of the team, modify the development process on the basis of your demand, and so on. You can hire HTML5 game developers for long term projects with varying needs and goals throughout the game development process. You often pay on a monthly basis, and the proficient team assesses all the required resources they have to meet the project’s needs.


Fixed Price Model

The idea of this model comes from its name: everything is fixed. The HTML5 game development team built the project based on the detailed requirements provided by the client at the beginning. The information gathered allows them to work effectively, and the game is ready to launch on the scheduled date. The main advantage of this engagement model is that you know the final cost before the game development process begins. You provide your requirements, and our trained HTML5 game developers will deliver them on the promised date.


Time and Material Model

Time and material engagement model is more suitable for long-term projects. This model has a more flexible budget and deadlines. Because of its great support for flexibility, you can make alterations at any point in the development stage. There will be regular and transparent communication between you and the developer team, and you pay only for the work done. The model’s flexibility allows any project-specific alteration to be made at any stage of HTML5 game development. Our HTML5 game developer specialists help you at each stage of game design for better outcomes.

Perks of Choosing Our Engagement Models
  • Extremely Effective
  • Transparent Quotes
  • No complexities and hidden costs
  • Safe & Secure Environment
  • 100% Privacy Maintained
  • Standardized Approach
  • Calculated Costs

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