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Fortnite down? Current status, problems and outages

    Fortnite Issues Reports

    Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:

  • Dwaynephobic

    (@Dwaynephobic) reported

    @WALTJR4NEM @childishoratio If a game is free to play and offers MTX that are cosmetic only (Fortnite, Apex, Fall Guys) it doesn’t come off as an issue, now if a game is offering MTX and it’s completely changing the game with weapons that are Pay to Win it becomes an issue.

  • Just_K_02

    (@Just_K_02) reported

    @Christosgage @Reilly_Brown @timelessorder Can I please get a copy of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point issue 2? Pretty please?

  • CuddlyThreat

    (@CuddlyThreat) reported

    @GalaxyGuy92 @AnthonyTweetsok @FortniteGame Exactly, for a “service” I’m actually just getting a skin as if I bought it from the item shop (if I already have the battle pass, that’s one less benefit for like 2-3 month before another Season)

  • Juderocks22

    (@Juderocks22) reported

    @DanielTG85 Seriously every game has to have a subscription service like Minecraft bedrock, Fortnite and Roblox. Like talk about pointless

  • Antre___

    (@Antre___) reported

    @Box0Fighter No you don’t lmao?

    FORTNITE crew can literally be anything whether it’s an original skin, a reskin, a collab or a reskinned collab. The “premium service” argument doesn’t necessarily make sense because Fortnite doesn’t know if someone is going to like a skin or not

  • Gabriel78022733

    (@Gabriel78022733) reported

    @RatRatGirl @FortniteGame First off kondor looks like a tiktok eboy
    And Second off is skillful in sword what is her going to do when is claws are not working correctly

  • Hannah_G_Gaming

    (@Hannah_G_Gaming) reported

    @TheReaL_DFran @FortniteGame Right?! They really need to fix it

  • MafMc

    (@MafMc) reported

    @FortniteGame This seasons glitch obviously

  • GrierJamari

    (@GrierJamari) reported

    @FortniteStatus Fortnite stop making the circle far away I died to fudging storm cause of this it’s so stupid like make the circle less far away from where we be. like fix this us fortnite players are getting tired of the circle being far away we’re tired of this crap

  • CuddlyThreat

    (@CuddlyThreat) reported

    @FortniteGame Can we get a better subscription service? The benefits from the the crew only come at the start of the mont, for the next 30 days I don’t feel like I’m subscribed to a service, maybe an extra daily punchcard, xp boosts or something…?

  • Moonshoes472

    (@Moonshoes472) reported

    @CactusCrumbsAlt @InTheShadeMV Fortnite is good, don’t see the problem

  • DaDonglo

    (@DaDonglo) reported


  • pyronyc

    (@pyronyc) reported

    @JacobsMormon @G2esports you want the socmed to suffer for everyone rosters’ problem? CSGO? R6? LOL? Rocket League? Valorant? halo? Fortnite? Apex?

  • sushibins

    (@sushibins) reported

    @KayKatana @FortniteGame @EpicGames its a glitch it’s not working for me either


    (@GUYFROMFORTNIT7) reported

    Last season the updates sucked, blimps crashed on the map and did NOTHING.

    [More Original Cosmetics] We want Original Fun Fortnite Skins, 50% of Fortnites Cosmetics are Collabs! This Season The only wacky skin was Stuffed Guff.

    @FortniteGame Fix The Game.

  • ArianVV

    (@ArianVV) reported

    @strallfn @corpsaefr Like I said if a person cannot balance their own life with fortnite, the game isn’t the problem

  • furry_of

    (@furry_of) reported

    @_Upside_L @ThisIsITalk @Celjii I think it’s just the fact that collabs people feel are forced onto people in the bp, and on top of that, it makes people who like an ip forced to play a season which does cause issues, a lot of people quit fortnite awhile and still are quit, what if they like Vader? Now they

  • TekniSanLeaks

    (@TekniSanLeaks) reported

    @misterNgan @FortniteGame They wont fix anytjing until next week or so

  • awesomeone1019

    (@awesomeone1019) reported

    @JohnCena I got your skin in fortnite but there seems to be a glitch , for some reason when I try to play as you your character doesn’t seem to appear anyways happy 20 years

  • JinlangH

    (@JinlangH) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the aiming hud size on ps, fix the twitch drop and Adria mask please

  • TheGreattDane_

    (@TheGreattDane_) reported

    Fortnite still not working, had one day of it working but now it’s back to nothing😭

  • kdshgsjdjf

    (@kdshgsjdjf) reported

    @FortniteGame This. Game. Sucks. To sum it up, the pvp system in Fortnite is one of the worst I’ve ever seen in gaming. From the timing being whack due to lag or bugs, terrible meta, bad connection system and more. The game has a great concept of doing things but terrible execution.

  • EvoketFN

    (@EvoketFN) reported

    @pluetFN @Fusion212_ If ur not retarded its not that hard. Its top 20k imagine if u had problems to Get top 20k in Fortnite how bad you would be compared to urself now

  • babyyray08

    (@babyyray08) reported

    Yo @fortnite why arent challenges counting in team rumble also fix your damn chests glitches

  • JKtrollhunter

    (@JKtrollhunter) reported

    @FortniteGame They could fix a bug that exists in the mission to put posters in different locations, it gets stuck, the posters do not appear.

  • enemyhatred

    (@enemyhatred) reported

    @chipzcowboy is there a problem with me being a fortnite gamer

  • ldentityz

    (@ldentityz) reported

    @FortniteGame Maybe fix aim assist bug

  • UseCodeFISP

    (@UseCodeFISP) reported

    @bubbyfromtwitch @FortniteGame I don’t see a problem in being horny 🌝

  • Teexy12

    (@Teexy12) reported

    @RavenSoftware Raven, please fix this dev error 5476 bug. My friends and I are playing Fortnite because we can’t play Warzone and you don’t care at all, so please fix this problem.🤬🤬

  • jibbers231

    (@jibbers231) reported

    Just got home from community service it was fun we painted fences and picked up garbage at the local park hopping on fortnite later to do challenges

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