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[New season: The Mysterious Stranger T]
A new case to crack! The annual video game contest was plunged into total darkness due to a citywide power outage. Every metropolitan citizen wants to find out who is responsible for this incident. Or is there some intriguing story behind it all?

[New Character: Derek]
Upon hearing about the massive power outage in Metropolis, Derek the bounty hunter sets about looking into the case. This cowboy detective, otherwise known as a master cleaner, has vowed to make every case smooth and clean. He will be joined by his Star Detective Team to piece together the clues to the truth in order to help Metropolis once again bathe in its splendor.

[New Skin Set: Star Detective Team]
Derek has never been alone in his detective endeavors. In fact, he has many reliable friends! In this case, several heroes with unique talents have banded together as the Star Detective Team, whose sole purpose is to delve into the truth of the Metropolitan blackout.

[Derek skin: Yuppie Detective]
He can only function in his best mode in this sleek suit and with sunglasses. No case is too abstruse for detective Derek to crack.

[Mr.5 skin: Gentleman Detective]
A math teacher at the Center School is actually the protector of the city’s security and peace. Is there anything cooler than Mr.5’s dual identity?

[Sandy skin: Sanlock]
Despite his appearance as a kungfu sandbag, Sanlock is known to his friends as an efficient detective who solves cases as fast as his punches.

[Mikko skin: Fashion Inspector]
The British style and elementary deduction are the timeless fashion for detectives, but some detectives would often opt for a rather different dress code and mode of detection.

[Cupid skin: Mocha Taste]
When he hits a bottleneck in his composing efforts, Cupid will occasionally have a cup of strong mocha to distract himself.

[Mikko skin: Colorful Mikko]
Legend has it that this kind of unique hair color only belongs to the rarest Mikko. But it is also said that it’s nothing but the dye from a certain hair salon in Metropolis.

[S-17 skin: War Goddess]
Believe! The power of the goddess shall ensure every victory for you.

[KO Effect: Eureka Moment]
It is believed that detectives will have their greatest inspirations when an exciting combat ends.

[Respawner: Detective Workbench]
When you are stuck in your investigation, spend some minutes mulling over all the clues at the workbench and the answer will surely be around the corner.

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