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Extracting Game Files :: Satisfactory Modding Documentation

If you’re looking to use parts of base game machines such as item
and fluid ports, power connectors, or more, consider taking a look at
AngryBeaver’s ModelingTools.

The tool UModel
can be used to view game pak file content,
and offers options for exporting meshes, skeletons, textures, etc. for use in other programs.
Tutorials for using UModel are plentiful online,
and a quick search can help you export for the modeling software of your choice.

Make sure to select Unreal Engine version 4.26 when opening Satisfactory pak files.

If you don’t see 4.26 as an option, you are running an older version of UModel
and you should download it again from the link above.

You can find a brief tutorial on how to track down an asset for export on the
Reusing Game Files page.

Once you have found the asset you want to export, open it in UModel’s UE Viewer
and use ToolsExport Current Object and you will be presented with
some options for export.
We suggest exporting as Static Meshes as glTF 2.0
so that software such as Blender can open them easily.

Note that not all of the content you can extract in this manner is directly useful.
For example, directly exporting an FGItemDescriptor is not really helpful.

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