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Experienced Gaming & Casino Consultants | Veriti Consulting – Truth Behind Numbers

1) What are MICS/TICs and why does it need to be tested? 

The Minimum Internal Control Standards and Tribal Internal Controls are standards established by the National Indian Gaming Commission.  Veriti will test for compliance and utilize the results to mitigate risks of fraud and asset misappropriation to your entity.

2) What are the biggest fraud risks to a casino or tribal entity?

Based on our experience, most fraud occurs within the casino or tribal-based entity. The most common schemes Veriti has investigated related to construction, kickbacks, food and beverage services, and collusion among various departments, including surveillance.

3) How can an entity perform a fraud investigation without alerting employees? 

Veriti is a licensed private investigation firm and its employees are Certified Fraud Examiners.  Our professionals are trained with the appropriate technical and interpersonal skills to interview employees without causing fear or alarm. Veriti is also skilled at working with tribal governments and leaders to covertly investigate areas of suspicion.


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