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Q:What is Cheat Engine?
A:Cheat Engine is a tool that helps you figure out how a game/application works and make modifications to it. It comes with extensive scripting support, so you can basically create anything you like. Check the about page for more

Q:How do I install Cheat Engine?
A:Just click the obvious download button on the main page and run it. When the installer is done you can use it.

Q:How do I uninstall Cheat Engine?
A:The start menu will have a uninstall option, or else go to windows settings->add/remove software and remove it there

Q:When will there be a MAC version?
A:Since recently there is one. It may stiull be buggy, so please report issues you encounter.

Q:Will Cheat Engine work on online games?
A:Most of the time, no

Q:Will Dark Byte help me with online games?

Q:If I do send dark byte an e-mail asking how to cheat in an online game, what will he do?
A:He won’t reply, or he replies in such way that it really pisses you off

Q:I tried editing my money in a online game and it showed on my screen that it worked. But when I bought something with it my money was set back to what it used to be, minus what I just bought
A:That is because the server knows how much money you have. You just changed the display value

Q:I just spend hours using the speedhack on a webgame to generate more resources, but when I logged out and came back, everything was as if I never used it
A:See the above answer

Q:Can I use Cheat Engine to hack, crack or unprotect other programs ?
A:No, you may only use cheat engine for legal activities. If the license agreement of a game says to not disassemble it, then do not use ce’s disassembler features! (Unless you live in a place like Europe where the law precedes license agreements and where you have the right to reverse engineer all software for personal use)

Q:Can I use Cheat Engine to give me things I normally have to pay for?
A:No, you’re not allowed to do so. Doing so will violate your agreement when installing CE, so you’ll have to uninstall CE then

Q:Do I have to pay for Cheat Engine?
A:No, cheat engine is completly free.

Q:Can I have the sourcecode?
A:Sure, go to the download page and download it there

Q:I paid over $100 for cheat engine, and now I find out I can’t use it on my online game. I demand a refund!!!
A:…stupid idiot…

Q:Why isn’t cheat engine digitally signed? I’m too scared to download it now
A:Because I hate this mentality where everything has to be feared on the internet. If you don’t want to download it, then don’t, and go to a shrink to deal with your anxiety problems
Update, it is actually signed now you big crybaby. Feel safe now?

Q:Can I send dark byte emails without subject and just the text “Help me” and assume he knows what I am talking about and fix all my problems?
A:No, he will not

Q:Can I send dark byte emails that aren’t in english ?
A:Sure, but don’t expect him to read beyond the first word before deleting it.

Q:Can I send dark byte emails that are translated to english by an automated translator ?
A:Can do of course you, expect don’t reply any bedspread dark from byte.

Q:When the download finished my anti virus showed up it that is contained a virus! Am I going to die now?
A:Just add Cheat Engine to the ignore list, it’s a false positive, or anti-virus vendors are just retards. Again, if you’re too scared to run it, then don’t.

Q:When will the next version of Cheat engine come out?

Q:Will the next version of Cheat Engine be undetected for current anti-cheat systems?
A:Most likely not

Q:Will the next version of Cheat Engine be able to use the cheats that don’t work anymore due to patches?
A:Nope, you need to update the method, not cheat engine

Q:Why does the installer make a connection with the internet? Are you trying to hack me???
A:No, I’m not trying to hack you, this is just an advertiser that is connecting to their servers to fetch the most up to date list of tools that you might be interested in using.

Q:I’m not touching any of that advertiser crap, can I get a version of Cheat Engine without?
A:Yes, the download page also has a link to a download without an installer. You just have to make sure it’s configured properly yourself


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