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Can’t Uninstall Game? : PiratedGames

I pirated Fallout 3 from nosTEAM earlier this year and now I want to install other games, but I don’t have enough storage left. I’ll have to uninstall it, but I’ve tried multiple options and it seems that I just can’t do it? And I’ve tried reading up on some other solutions but none of them worked. Here are the things I’ve tried:

  • uninstalling from the Control Panel (it’s not listed in the programs)

  • uninstalling from my Windows Apps (it’s also not listed there)

  • there seems to be no “uninstall.exe” or something like that in the original folder

  • tried installing the game again (so the computer will detect that I already have the game) but there was no prompt to uninstall the game first

  • checked the registry, but it’s also not there

Am I missing something here? Should I just give up and delete the entire folder? If I install the game again later, let’s say, because I want to play it again, will I have no problems installing it?

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