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Cannot uninstall some games.. help? :)

Hello everybody.
I recently made a partition to my HDD (C and E), and i wanted to move the games with their game saves to partition E. While successful with some of the games, two of them are giving me some trouble and its starting to bother me. They wont appear on the add/remove tool from windows (7 home premium 64-bit), neither will appear on those other special uninstallers found on the internet. I’ve tried to find the install file for those two games, but those files are .exe files instead of .iso files. When i click on them, obviously, they will start the installation with no option to uninstall.
In the install file of those games, there isn’t an uninstall tool either.

I seriously need some help with this, its driving me nuts and can’t find a solution. Much appreciated some help here.

BTW, they are cracked games i downloaded from kickasstorrents. The games are Battlefield Bad Company 2 and COD: MW2 (both were uploaded by nosTEAM)


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