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‘Battlefield 3: End Game’ Trailer & First Look Video

It’s March, the month of the final ‘Battlefield 3’ DLC: End Game. Check out the latest gameplay trailer and video detailing the new modes, maps and vehicles.


Before we learn about Battlefield 4, a next-gen game that was showcased for the very first time behind-closed-doors for retail managers last week, there’s one more final piece of downloadable content for Battlefield 3, the fasting-selling game in the Electronic Arts library.

Battlefield 3: End Game adds two new game modes, four massive maps, and much, much more, and it arrives this month. Check out the new trailer and 5-minute preview describing the core new features, vehicles and maps coming in the End Game DLC.

The focus of the final BF3 content expansion is on speed, not just in the air with the 12 vs. 12 aerial battles across the new, larger maps, but on the ground with motorbikes. The four new maps cater to this play style by including large jumps for bikers to perform crazy stunts, and with crazy stunts and vehicles, come more “only in Battlefield” style moments and gameplay videos that’ll help the viral marketing for the latest DLC organically spread the word.

It is for that very reason we were a little disappointed that EA and DICE didn’t unveil Battlefield 4 when we were in New York last week for Sony’s PlayStation 4 presentation. But don’t fret, we fully expect EA to be at Microsoft’s inevitable Xbox 720 (or whatever it’s officially named) event (likely in April) to showcase the new game while potentially announcing a rumored partnership with Microsoft. For now, with End Game releasing this month, we can look forward to:


  • Four maps: Operation Riverside (rocky, forested), Nebandan Flats (desert), Kiasar Railroad (forest, mountainous), Sabalan Pipeline (snow)
  • Air Superiority mode: Conquest-style mode in the air, where players fight for airspace.
  • 12 vs. 12 aerial dog fights
  • Rapid deployment via dropship:. The team controlling the central map on the base gain control of a dropship that allows them to spawn and deploy vehicles from the air onto the battlefield.
  • New Vehicle: Motorcycles that can have one passenger wielding their own weapon.
  • New Vehicles: Two new jeeps with anti-air turrets, something to address the increase focused on air vehicles.

Are you a BF3 Premium subscriber? Do you enjoy the air combat or do you prefer infantry and armored battles?

Follow me on Twitter @rob_keyes and let me know if you’ll be playing End Game.

Sources: EA, MinimumGame

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