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Armed Humvee hummer Miniature Gaming Tabletop RPG 28mm – Etsy Norway

The most famous American modern warfare combat vehicle is armed with heavy weapons. Excellent for rapid deployment of cheap units armed to teeth.
All pieces are in according to scale to the human figure.

The vehicle is slightly larger 1/48 to fit and appear in scale to Minifigures on a base.

Looking for fresh and detailed 28mm mini-figures for your modern or Sci-fi RPG wargames on your tabletop, look no further!
3d printed with the latest generation of resin printers to assure the highest possible quality.

⭐ Material: Resin
⭐ Requires Assembly: Yes
⭐ Color: Grey
⭐ Scale: 1/48

Contains parts for the assembly of 1 vehicle.

🚨 These mini’s like any other mainstream figures come unassembled and consist of several parts. The parts are unpainted and will require some sanding, filler, and glue for assembly.

All models are cleaned, polished, and corrected before shipping.
A situation may arise when I missed some kind of defect.
The Minifigures are not the end product, they require additional preparation.
This is not a toy intended for kids.

Minifigure used only for scale display.

Minifigures Designed by Albino Raven.

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