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- Quảng cáo - HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6" Core i5-8300H 15.6-inch Diagonal Full HD... HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6″ Core i5-8300H 15.6-inch Diagonal Full HD IPS Anti-Glare WLED-Backlit Display(1920 x 1080) with 8GB RAM + 1TB HDD Storage : Electronics

I’ll describe different situations in which you’ll use this laptop in the following review. (Kinda detailed review incoming)
-When gaming:
Fortnite FPS epic settings: ~80 (with low, it was only around 90-100)
Insurgency FPS high settings: 80-300 depending on the map and what you set individual graphics settings to
Total War Warhammer II high settings: ~40
BEWARE that playing at very high settings on games like these can get your computer very hot. Try to keep it around 60 degrees Celsius, but since this is a laptop, 75 is acceptable and 80 would probably be the max if I were you. Why not 90? Well sure, go for it if you want maximum performance but I also want the parts to last 4-5 years.
LAPTOP COOLING PAD IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have a Kootek one – just be sure to get a good one.
Perhaps replace thermal paste/grease if you are tech-savvy.
Battery lasts like an hour or 2 when gaming. Be sure to be plugged in.

-When idle:
The battery on complete idle seems to last 6-7 hours with battery saver on and on 2 brightness.
Idle temperatures are around 40 degrees C, and are normally lower than said number.

-When working/(school or studying)
Under working conditions like tabs opened on Chrome, it will last 3-5 hours. Possibly bring your charger with you to school or such if needed for a whole school day. Good processor and a good amount of RAM allow work to be done quickly.

-Other (mostly for more tech-savvy things):
Buy an SSD if you will and put it in the m.2 slot. SATA or PCIe NVMe work great. I changed it to boot and get 10 second boots whereas hard drive was giving me 30 seconds (trust me, that 30 seconds would turn into 1 minute if I actually started filling it up with files). No screw to keep down the SSD. You’ll have to get your own.
Again, replace the stock thermal paste with your better one.
Be sure to check out power options under control panel to control CPU processor management, and to manage sleep/hibernate settings for maximum battery life.
Mine came with a Thunderbolt USB port so I could hookup an external monitor if wanted.
Screen is 60hz. However playing up to 120fps is good since mouse input lag is reduced and I’m pretty sure you won’t experience screen tearing unless you’re getting a very high amount of frames or if GPU/CPU are putting in some serious work.
Beware the screw cases seem to strip easily. Maybe I’m just a rookie, but I accidentally budged it the wrong way 2-3 times and the screw got stripped enough for me to use retrieval methods.
Do install the drivers in HP Support Assistant like Intel storage, graphics, and NVIDIA graphics.
Since this is an American laptop, you’ll need a switch/plug converter, if you’re like me who lives in New Zealand.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading and be sure to make an informed decision. Best of luck with your buy.

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