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The 5 best games to play like Summertime Saga

If you’re a fan of the dating sim genre, Summertime Saga will have made its way onto your radar. Even though there is already a wealth of content in the game to enjoy, waiting for updates can be an excruciating experience. If you’ve found yourself clicking refresh on the developer’s website, waiting for the next set of stories to drop, it might be time to check out our top five games that are similar to Summertime Saga.

Our 5 favorite games like Summertime Saga

Finding an interactive story that ticks all your boxes is a tough ask. There are so many out on the market, many of varying quality and price. Whether you’re looking for something more adult-oriented or are happy for a more safe-for-work flavor, these games should be similar enough to Summertime Saga to scratch that itch.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Image via Team Salvato

Fans of the visual novel and dating sim genres have seen every trope and cliché before, but they’ve never seen anything quite like Doki Doki Literature Club. This is a love letter to visual novels that embraces every convention before turning it on its head. It might seem cute and innocent at first, but pay attention to the content warnings; this game is in the psychological horror genre on Steam for a reason. The base game is free-to-play, but there is a deluxe edition on Steam and consoles that comes with some bonus content to allow you to really get to know the members of the Literature Club. Whichever version you choose, this is one of the most clever and unique games we’ve ever played.

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Dream Daddy

Image via Game Grumps

While Summertime Saga is all about finding love as a teen, Dream Daddy is all about finding love a bit later in life. You’ll get to create your character, get to know his daughter, and then go out and meet all the sexy dads that populate your new neighborhood. While seducing the other dads takes up a large amount of the gameplay here, the real heart of Dream Daddy comes from your relationship with your daughter Amanda.


Image via HuniePot

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We could all use a little help in our love lives. HuniePop offers that help in the form of Kyu, a sassy fairy who takes you under her wing to help you get a date. While the game makes no excuses for how adult its content is, there is more here than just lewd drawings. The match-three formula is surprisingly deep and the dating sim mechanics require more thought than you’d expect. You can easily sink 100 hours into this game if you want to uncover all the secret characters and locations that it has to offer.

Love Esquire

Image via Yangyang mobile

Not everyone gets to be the hero. In Love Esquire, you’ll play as the squire to one of the kingdom’s knights. As war looms on the horizon, you must help him not only raise his stats high enough to make it back alive, but you also find love in one of the five romance options in the game. Love Esquire features a fully voiced cast and surprisingly high production values as it combines dating sim, visual novel, and RPG mechanics in a fun and sweet story.

Monster Prom

Image via Beautiful Glitch

Few games deliver on the tropes of the dating sim genre better than Monster Prom. It has snappy writing, sexy monsters to seduce and date, and plenty of secrets to uncover. You’ll get hours of playthroughs from this game, either on your own or with friends in both online and local multiplayer. While Summertime Saga is a decidedly single-player experience, Monster Prom is one of the best grown-up party games you will find. Want to date a stoner ghost girl? A manipulative medusa? A himbo werewolf? An fanfic obsessed eldritch horror from beyond time and space? Monster Prom has everything you could ask for and more.

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