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21 Epic Movies Like Hunger Games

You should watch some Epic movies like Hunger Games if you love hunger Games. The Hunger Games is set in a dystopian North America divided into 12 districts, with The Capitol wielding total control.  

Furthermore, peace is restored after a long conflict, but not without a price. Every year, a boy and a girl are chosen to compete in the annual Hunger Games, a violent reality television show in which they are forced to kill each other until only one survives.

Additionally, these kids must battle to the death in front of everyone. It serves as a stark reminder to all viewers of how terrible and unforgiving combat can be.

Even though we haven’t seen Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen on the big screen in nearly a decade, The Hunger Games still reigns supreme in the dystopian teen dynasty.   

Following the success of the first picture, which grossed $694.4 million worldwide, three profitable sequels were created, ushering in a new generation of YA sci-fi content that appealed to both kids and adults.

And, thankfully, we’ve seen a slew of exciting titles—though not all of them live up to the franchise’s popularity.  

These 20 movies like The Hunger Games are likely to grab your curiosity, whether you’re looking for a decent survival narrative or more daring young heroines. 

Table of Contents

1. Divergent (2014)

People have begun to live in factions in the dystopian dystopia. When a person reaches the age of majority, they must decide. They must pick whether they wish to stay with their family’s side or join another.

When a kid makes an unexpected decision, she must undergo drastic psychological and physical changes to outcompete her peers or risk losing her faction.  

Furthermore, she can’t tell anyone that she’s Divergent, which means she doesn’t belong to any sections. Knowing it would put anyone’s life in jeopardy. But it is this secret that has the potential to save her people. Additionally, Divergent’s plot is mainly faithful to the novels, which isn’t always bad.  

Of course, there are some minor variations. Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Ashley Judd, Jai Courtney, Ray Stevenson, Zoe Kravitz, Miles Teller, Tony Goldwyn, Ansel Elgort, Maggie Q, and Kate Winslet are among the cast members. 

2. After The Dark (2013)

After the dark is one of the best movies like hunger games. When a group of students in a philosophy class reaches the end of the school year, their lecturer, Mr. Zimit, challenges them to several exercises set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic future.  

Meanwhile, they are assigned vocations and must decide who is valuable or not because the bunker they will be dwelling in for a year only has adequate air for ten people. Furthermore, Mr. Zimit puts them through many rounds to see how long they can last.  

When they notice Mr. Zimit is disrupting the game, problems emerge. After the dark stars, Sophie Lowe, Rhys Wakefield, Bonnie Wright, James D’Arcy, Daryl Sabara, and Freddie Stroma. 

3. Maze Runner (2014)

A group of youths, similar to those in The Hunger Games, find themselves in a completely new environment with no prior memories.  

When Thomas is separated from the other 60 teens, he must learn to survive while finding a way out of the MazeMaze. Nevertheless, the lack of motivation and explanations are the only flaws in this film. Meanwhile, the reason for the Maze’sMaze’s existence is never revealed.  

It’s one of those movies where you can create your plot, which adds to the suspense and intrigue. Although the story isn’t particularly fascinating, the action sequences and stunning cinematography more than compensate.  

Overall, Ball’s debut is promising. His young ensemble carries the entire film on their shoulders. The principal cast includes Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Aml Ameen, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee. 

4. Hannah (2011)

Hannah is one of the best movies like hunger games you should be watching right now. This picture has a unique quality that goes beyond the youthful drama of The Hunger Games.  

On the other hand, Hanna follows the titular Hanna Heller, a 15-year-old with incredible combat skills.

While we don’t get to witness Katniss’ abilities until she attracts sponsors during her training, Hanna has been trained by an ex-CIA officer since she was two years old. As a result, she is an expert assassin.  

Furthermore, the plot that follows isn’t as bleak as The Hunger Games, but there are some parallels between the key characters. The top cast includes Ray Liotta, Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Noah Taylor, Dermot Mulroney. 

5. The Darkest Mind(2018)

If you thought Jennifer Lawrence was the only actor who catapulted to fame after The Hunger Games’ box office triumph, you were mistaken. Rue, played by Amandla Stenberg, was also a hit with the audience.  

Additionally, in The Darkest Minds, Stenberg plays Ruby, a powerful youngster who lately finds magical abilities. When the government labels all superpowered teenagers a threat, Ruby is forced to flee and joins forces with other fugitives.  

In addition, Ruby and her newfound family eventually decide to fight back against the grownups in control rather than running. Some of the top cast include Gwendoline Christie, Amandla Stenberg, Harris Dickinson, Mandy Moore. 

6. The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

The mortal instruments: City of bones is one of the best movies like hunger games. Set in modern-day New York City, Clary Fray realizes she is a descendant of a line of Shadowhunter.  

A hidden group of young half-angel warriors engaged in an ancient battle to safeguard our world from demons. Additionally, Clary must join forces with a squad of Shadow Hunters after her mother vanishes.  

And they introduce her to a dangerous parallel in New York known as the Shadow World. It is inhabited by demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, and other deadly monsters.

The top cast includes Jamie Campbell Bower, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers, Lena Headey, Kevin Durand, and Aidan Turner. 

7. The 5th Wave (2016)

Most of the Earth has been destroyed by four waves of more terrible attacks. Additionally, Cassie is on the run, urgently trying to save her younger brother against a backdrop of fear and distrust.  

Furthermore, Cassie teams up with a young man who may become her final hope if she can trust him as she prepares for the inevitable and devastating fifth Wave. The top cast includes Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Ron Livingston, Maggie Siff, Alex Roe. 

8. Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Jupiter Jones was born in the middle of the night, with signals indicating that she was destined for greatness.

Furthermore, now an adult, Jupiter dreams of the stars but wakes up to the harsh reality of a job cleaning other people’s homes and a never-ending string of bad luck.  

Additionally, Jupiter begins to see the fate that has been waiting for her all along when Caine Wise, a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, arrives on Earth to track her down.  

However, her genetic signature marks her as the next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos. The top cast includes Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, Douglas Booth, Channing Tatum, and Mila Kunis. 

9. The Tournament (2009)

The Tournament is one of the most Epic movies like hunger Games. It is held every seven years in an unassuming community—a deathmatch between 30 of the world’s most lethal killers.  

Furthermore, the $10,000,000 cash prize and the title of Worlds No 1 go to the last man standing, which comes with the renowned million dollars a bullet price tag.

Some of the top cast include Ving Rhames, Robert Carlyle, Kelly Hu, Ian Somerhalder, Liam Cunningham. 

10. I Am Number Four (2011)

In this film, John Smith appears to be an ordinary guy based on James Frey and Jobie Hughes’ YA science-fiction novel of the same name. But he’s an alien masquerading as a teenage lad in a small Ohio town.  

While falling in love and learning new skills, John must also avoid his foes, who are looking for him and the other aliens sent to Earth as children.

It’s just your ordinary day-to-day things! We can’t help but think of how the more substantial tributes banded together to track down Katniss in The Hunger Games. However, his situation is slightly different.  

Furthermore, you’ll find yourself rooting for John in the same way you did for Katniss when she was first introduced as an unlikely heroine.

Some of the top Cast includes Callan McAuliffe, Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron. 

11. Circle (2015)

A circle is also one of the most Epic movies like hunger games. Fifty strangers awaken to find themselves locked in a large, mysterious cavern with no knowledge of how they got there.

One of them must die every two minutes… An electrical pulse from a source within the chamber is used to act.  

Additionally, the attacks appear random at first, but the strangers soon understand that they, as a group, have the power to pick who will be the next to die: by voting—mob mentality in its finest hour. 

Meanwhile, a chance to take command of the machine How will they decide who is deserving of death? When there’s only one person left, what happens? The film “Circle” is about humanity.

Some of the top Cast includes Michael Nardelli, Carter Jenkins, Lawrence Kao, Allegra Masters, Julie Benz. 

12. Mortal Engines (2018)

Hester is the only one who can stop the city of London from eating everything in its path in a post-apocalyptic future where cities consume each other to survive.

It’s as if the Hunger Games tributes were independent cities on wheels, hunting and devouring one another!  

However, to save the world, as solid woman protagonists often do, Hester joins up with Tom Natsworthy, a London outcast, and Anna Fang, a deadly criminal.  

Additionally, this film joins a long history of cinema in which grouchy grownups struggle to avoid being beaten by a ragged group of angry teenagers.

With a title like Mortal Engines, it’s no surprise that the film’s world architecture and costumes are inspired by steampunk.

Some of the top cast includes Robert Sheehan, Hugo Weaving, Jihae, Ronan Raftery, Leila George. 

13. Winters Bone (2010)

With her family’s home in jeopardy after her father escapes bail and vanishes, Ozark girl Ree Dolly defies the local code of conduct by confronting her relatives about their silence.  

Additionally, Ree Dolly, her younger siblings, and their disabled mother may soon be homeless if she fails to locate her father. The top cast includes Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Kevin Bresnahan, Dale Dickey, and Garret Dillahunt.  

14. Brave (2012)

Next on our list of epic movies like hunger game is brave. The Hunger Games may not be known for being family-friendly, but Disney’s animated family drama Brave is perfect for the kids in your life.  

Furthermore, Brave, which was released the same year as The Hunger Games, is set in Scotland, where Merida, a fiery, curly-haired archer who aspires to defy age-old traditions, is a great archer.

Furthermore, Merida, determined and a touch stubborn, set out on a mission to reunite her family and break a curse after her magical wish goes awry.  

Some of the top cast, including Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Robbie Coltrane, Kevin McKidd, and Craig Ferguson, are among the voices in the film. 

Ender’s Game follows a child sent into training for an impending alien invasion, with the bonus of having the word ‘game’ in the title.

In contrast, the sci-fi foreign components aren’t quite comparable to Katniss Everdeen’s challenges.  

Her preparation for a conflict she doesn’t want to share many similarities with Ender. Additionally, the Formics, an alien race seemingly bent on eradicating humanity, wreaked havoc on the planet.  

Fifty years later, the people of Earth have remained united in their efforts to avoid extinction at the hands of this technologically superior extraterrestrial species.

Ender Wiggin, a modest but intelligent young man, may be the human race’s savior. He is taken to battle school in orbit around Earth, separated from his adored sister and fearsome brother.  

However, as he learns to battle in the hopes of protecting Earth and his family, he will be challenged and honed into a sympathetic murderer who begins to loathe what he does.

Some of the top cast includes Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Ben Kingsley, Viola Davis. 

16. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Next on our list of epic movies like hunger game is mad max fury road. An apocalyptic story is set in the furthest ends of our world, in a barren desert terrain where society has broken down, and practically everyone is crazedly struggling to survive.  

Within this society, two on-the-run rebels may be able to restore order. Additionally, there’s Max, a man of action and few words who is looking for peace of mind after losing his wife and child in the mayhem.  

And there’s Furiosa, a woman of action who feels that if she can make it across the desert to her childhood home, she’ll be able to survive.

The principal cast includes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne. 

17. The Hunt (2020)

In a clearing, twelve strangers awaken. They have no idea where they are or how they arrived. Merciless elitists meet at a distant area under the shadow of a dark internet conspiracy theory to hunt humans for sport.

However, their grand plan is about to go awry when Crystal, one of the hunted, turns the tables on her assailants. Some of the top cast includes Hilary Swank Betty Gilpin. 

18. Red Sparrow (2018)

Red Sparrow is one of the most epic movies like Hunger games. This is a film that lovers of Jennifer Lawrence should seek out.

Additionally, it depicts the actress’s professional progression and incorporates some of her acting training from her time as Katniss Everdeen.  

Additionally, a young Russian intelligence officer is tasked with seducing a first-tour CIA agent in charge of the agency’s most sensitive Russian intelligence penetration.  

Furthermore, in an explosive atmosphere of tradecraft, deception, and inevitably forbidden passion, the two young officers collide, endangering not only their own lives but also the lives of others.

The top cast includes Jeremy Irons, Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts. 

19. Hawkeye (2021)

Clint Barton, a former Avenger, has a straightforward mission: return to his family for Christmas. Possible? Perhaps with the assistance of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer who aspires to be a Super Hero.  

Meanwhile, when a ghost from Barton’s past threatens to wreck far more than the holiday joy, the two are forced to work together.

Some of the top cast are Brian d’Arcy James, Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Tony Dalton, Fra Fee. 

20. The Condemned (2007)

The Condemned is about the story of Jack Conrad, who is serving a life sentence in a corrupt Central American prison and is facing the death penalty.

He is “bought” by a wealthy television producer and transported to a barren island, where he must battle to the death against nine other convicted murders throughout the world.  

Some of the top cast include Manu Bennett, Steve Austin, Vinnie Jones, Robert Mammone, Tory Mussett. 

21. How I live Now (2013)

Last on our list of epic movies like hunger games is how I live now. Daisy, an American adolescent, is sent by her estranged father away from New York City to dwell with her Aunt Penn in the English countryside.

Isaac, her distant cousin, greets her at the airport and drives her home. Her cousins, seventeen-year-old Eddie and young Piper, and their friend Joe, are presented to her.  

Furthermore, on the other hand, Daisy is a resentful, love-hungry, and aloof young lady who believes she is cursed. And that bad things happen to her wherever she goes because her mother died giving birth to her.  

Aunt Penn is a busy woman researching the war situation in England, which is on high alert due to a terrorist incident, and she requires assistance. Some of the top cast include Saoirse Ronan, George MacKay, Tom Holland, Harley Bird, and Anna Chancellor. 

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