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20 Effective Team Building Activities For Employees 2022

22 Team Building Activities For Employees

Here is the list of top activities practiced by various organizations for team building.


1. Blind Drawing

Team Building Activities For Employees


Blind drawing is not only the best activity for developing leadership, and interpretation but also increases communication skills. This exercise consumes 10 to 15 minutes. It requires the 2 participants or a multiple of it, a paper, pen, and pictures to accomplish the activity. You need to make groups of two participants and then sit in a back-to-back position. Here, one person gets the image, and another receives a pen & paper. The person holding the picture enacts it where the other participant needs to draw it on paper by making a guess. A person with an image cannot say what’s in the picture. It also checks how the communication is traveling from one individual to another.


Number of participants: 2
Duration: 10 to 15 Min


2. Rapid Fire


Rapid-fire is the most effective Team building exercise to bring employees together. You ask random questions from team members that they need to answer in seconds. There is a buzzer in the end that makes noise when your time is up. These random questions speak about your personality, likes/dislikes, choices, and decision-making skills. Such ice breaker questions enable the teams to know each other well. Overall, it boosts team engagement, and collaboration & this activity takes almost 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete. You are free to ask the most basic questions like, ‘if you were an animal, what would you be?’ ‘Choose one – Sunrise or Sunset.’ etc. The rapid-fire activity also tests your presence of mind and how spontaneous you are in communicating with others.


Number of participants: 2
Duration: 10 to 15 Min


3. Housie Game

Team Building Activities For Employees


Housie game is the most played tambola game and is known by the name bingo among Indians. It requires printed tickets having number squares on them purchased at the start of the game by participants. The house caller randomly chooses numbers & declares them. The player who marks all numbers first wins the game called a full house. It requires a team size of 3 to 150 people & time taken is around 74 to 90 minutes. As per one of the 2009 studies by Frank Siebdrat, virtual teams outperform physical teams after receiving enough communication and support through team-building activities.


Number of participants: 3 to 10,  50 to 100, or even more
Duration: 45 to 90 Min


4. Team Pot Lunch

Team Building Activities For Employees


Who doesn’t love food when the company covers the expenses? Team pot lunches have proven to be one of the best Team building activities for employees. But how does it help? It helps to build strong interpersonal relationships through communication and interaction while eating. It also boosts the team’s morale and builds relationships among teammates. Team pot lunch usually takes 1 to 2 hours with a group of at least 4 participants. It’s the best cost-effective method to strengthen team relationships.


Number of participants: Min 4 people
Duration: 1 to 2 hours


5. Roles Reversal


A role reversal activity is like a role-play that’s often hard to design and involves enacting a particular scenario. The only distinction is that you have to play the role of the opposite person rather than yours. Most of the time, the script is provided to the participants, and other times, they are asked to perform it on the spot. As a result, it enhances your communication skills and critical thinking. In addition, it gives you real-time exposure to various scenarios, accommodates sudden changes, and helps you gain empathy by looking at things from others’ perspectives.


Number of participants: 2 people
Duration: More than 1 hour

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